People in Canada searching for Canadian online Casinos will find many different places to play. It is important to note that for Canadians there are 4 different types of casinos. The four different types are:
  1. Online Casino Canada – these casinos can be played for real money and are the best places to gamble online. At we recommend because it is the best online casino in Canada. The advantage of this types of casino is that you can play for real money. This type of online casino Canada has the most generous promotions and largest selection of games. The main disadvantage is that you do not have all the games you can play at and based casinos. For example, you cannot play Catz or Coyote Moon at any online Real Money Casinos. However, these types of games be found at some Facebook casinos.
  2. Canadian Facebook Online Casinos – are pretty cool but they have major limitations. The main advantage of Facebook casinos are that they contain similar games to land based casinos, you can play Catz and Coyote Moon at some of the Facebook casinos. The major disadvantage of Facebook casinos are that they cannot be played for real money.
  3. Purely Free Canadian online Casinos – There are a number of purely free casinos such as, and All of these casinos are purely free and cannot be played for real money. The quality of these games are low compared to Real Money Casinos and Facebook Casinos. The biggest disadvantage of these free sites is that they come with spyware that infects your computer or there will be heavy banner advertising, this is how they make their money.
  4. Canadian Online Casinos owned by Provincial Monopolies– In Canada there are 3 provincial monopolies that have online casinos. They are: Manitoba, Quebec and British Columbia. The biggest advantage with these casinos is that they are regulated by the provincial government, which means they will follow a strict code of ethics. The major disadvantage is that they are extremely lacking in the types of games offered and the withdrawal process can be quite stringent. For example, they do not offer mobile or live games. Also, their promotions are very weak and you would be much better off playing at a Real Money Casino that is not regulated at the provincial level. The provincial monopolies currently have no live support and are very stringent with their payout policies and are known for denying payouts until you provide them with certified copies of your passport, id and utility bill. Currently, the most popular online casinos in Canada are real money casinos. We believe that in the future more players will be playing at the Facebook casinos once Facebook allows real money casinos.
Currently 888 casino and Zynga both have real money casinos on Facebook but they are only available for residents of the UK. It is likely that one day Canadians will be able to play real money casino games on Facebook but for now they cannot.

Canadian Gambler

A majority of the Canadian gambling sites nowadays accept players from places other than Canada, but they also welcome Canadian dollar deposits. The sites are overseen by the Canadian government which allows people to register on them and do some gambling. However, the government doesn’t permit anyone to own local gambling sites.

This situation has provoked other gambling sites to instead allow Canadian gamblers and their dollar deposits as well. You’ll find that there are lots of Canadian sites to choose so you can enjoy the variety for playing in many online casinos. We have reviewed a number of sites over the years and the ones we’ve listed here are what we find to be the best when it comes to Canadian gambling.

This is The Canadian Gambler, a site designed by a Canadian gambling enthusiast in both online and land-based casinos. This site is designed for people who enjoy playing in good online casinos but will also enjoy many other games such as bingo, poker, and other betting sites. You can be assured that it’s a trusted site and safe to play in Canada or wherever you may be.

Through research, I’ve discovered that not all Playtech Casino sand MicroGaming Casinos permit players to deposit in Canadian dollars. Most casinos prefer the use of US dollars, while other sites only permit the use of the Euro and British Pound since they are based in Europe. But if you play using these currencies it gives great exchange to the Canadian dollar. Everything I’ve listed on this site has proven to be well-established and highly-trusted online casino websites.

For those who want to know more about online casino bonuses and how to acquire them, we’ve done the work for you and have included a table below where you can see the free chips and various exclusive online casino bonuses.

But if you just want to learn more about playing at online casinos, we have a list called the Top 10 Online Casinos, which is updated regularly based on my own gambling knowledge. We also include feedback from other players which you can find in online gambling forums as well as review sites.

We put many things into consideration when choosing the best Canadian gambling sites and the first of them is the popularity of each site. We know that the search for online casinos that allow Canadians to play can be quite overwhelming as there are hundreds of sites, when in fact many of them are not well known so its difficult to tell if they are trustworthy. Although there’s nothing wrong with playing on these sites, it’s more comfortable to play at large sites that are better known and participated in by more people. The big Canadian gambling sites have a better reputation and it’s easy to verify this information. People discuss these websites on the internet through forums, helping other people learn what the best sites are and what aren’t. If a website gives problems regarding cashing out or has any sort of fishy behavior, people will discuss this on the internet. We only choose to work with big gambling sites online because with some research it’s easy to know how the players are treated.

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